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Mr. Monkey, Monkey Mechanic - Season 1 - Video Download - Super Simple

Mr. Monkey, Monkey Mechanic - Season 1 - Video Download


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Files Included: HD 720p & SD 480p MP4s
Length: 52 minutes and 42 seconds

All of the animals in town know, if there’s something wrong with your vehicle, take it to Mr. Monkey, Monkey Mechanic! Mr. Giraffe’s car is too small. Ms. Rabbit’s car is too slow. Mr. Sloth’s car is too fast. Mr. Monkey can fix it! He surveys the situation, makes a plan, and with the help of his handy monkey wrench and some creative thinking, solves the problem without monkeying around (well, okay, maybe a little bit of monkeying around.)

Included Episodes
1. Mr. Giraffe
2. Mr. Chameleon
3. Ms. Penguin
4. Mr. Lion
5. Ms. Owl
6. Mr. Sloth & Ms. Rabbit
7. Captain Crocodile
8. Mr. Husky
9. Turtle's Tricycle
10. Ms. Poodle
11. Little Doggy

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