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Super Simple ABCs - Phonics Fun - Super Simple Songs

Super Simple ABCs - Phonics Fun - Audio Download


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Learn the ABCs with alphabet and phonics songs! It's the ABCs made simple for young learners!

Track Listing
1. Hello A, Hello Z
2. The Super Simple Alphabet Song
3. The Phonics Alphabet Song
4. The A Song
5. The B Song
6. The C Song
7. The D Song
8. The E Song
9. The F Song
10. The G Song
11. The H Song
12. The I Song
13. A-I Review Chant
14. A-I Review Song
15. The J Song
16. The K Song
17. The L Song
18. The M Song
19. The N Song
20. The O Song
21. The P Song
22. The Q Song
23. The R Song
24. J-R Review Chant
25. J-R Review Song
26. The S Song
27. The T Song
28. The U Song
29. The V Song
30. The W Song
31. The X Song
32. The Y Song
33. The Z Song
34. R-Z Review Chant
35. R-Z Review Song
36. Goodbye A, Goodbye Z
Plus 18 sing-along karaoke tracks!

Be sure to visit our website and download free resources to make the most of these songs!

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